About Closet To Go

Closets To Go is a boutique closet company offering high end custom closet organizers. We are celebrating 40 years of servicing the nation with a very unique and easy DIY option at an unbeatable price! We believe DIY should not be complicated! So we developed a custom closet system that: You install at your leisure, eliminates guesswork and frustration, saves time and money, yields professional results, is a fun and rewarding experience. Closet To Go sources the highest quality wood materials from the Pacific Northwest where our manufacturing center is located. Our non-commissioned Design Team supports every client with the highest level of customer service from the very first call and beyond. In fact, we take great pride in having a very high repeat customer base who has done business with us since our inception! At Closets To Go, we go above and beyond to help make your dream closet a reality!

Materials and Craftsmanship:

Closets To Go is a just-in-time manufacturer. Meaning we custom produce everything from scratch based on your exact measurements and specifications; nothing is pre-made. We use the highest quality wood products sourced from Pacific Northwest mills, which is where our manufacturing facility is located. Some of our trusted sources are: Arauco prism, Uniboard and Tafisa showcasing the latest trends in colors and textures, quality products made in America, all of which are known for producing a superior core. Because we are able to source from these mills, we are able to interim provide our clients with exceptional quality materials from a quality, health and environmental standpoint. Closets To Go uses a combination of construction methods to provide a structurally sound closet system that will last a lifetime. We use a European construction method called System 32 which we introduced to America in the early 80’s. This method, along with adjustable steel fasteners and hanging rail are the foundation of our product offerings (with the exception of garages) which ensures lifetime structural integrity and ease of installation. Learn more about our unique DIY Service Option here.

Unique Service Options:

Closets To Go offers three unique service options: Traditional full service within our local market and an easy DIY option which makes owning high end custom closets easy to install and affordable to the masses. Easy DIY Option: You submit dimensions, we preinstall functional hardware, we meticulously label parts and panels, we pack in an organized manner, we curate step-by-step instructions, we offer live customer support, we ship OR you pick up if local and You install. Full Service Option: (for local market only) We provide professional in home consultation, we measure, we delivery and install. OR for expedited service and additional savings: You submit rough dimensions to our Design Team, we provide a design and quote within a week, we confirm dimensions and we deliver and install.

Our Story:

Over 40 years ago, a lifelong passion for woodworking matured into a career that would inspire a brand new industry in the US! Call it crazy or…manifest destiny, Closets To Go would seal its fate with a daring flip of a coin - HEADS being Custom Closet Organizers or TAILS being Custom Home Office! Landing on HEADS, the path was set and we lunged forward into the virtually uncharted territory of the closet and storage industry.

Now, the rest of the story!
But first, let us share our inspiration for the development of our DIY Closet System and why we choose to name our brand Closets To Go.
Like any start up, we did our homework to find where the finest wood products in the world were from and how they were made and this led us to Europe. When comparing apples to apples, European built cabinets were vastly superior in quality to what was then being made here in the United States. It was as if most of the American woodworking industry were in a vacuum, unaware of how the rest of the world was operating...or perhaps had taken a mindset of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Europeans also considered kitchen cabinets as furniture rather than a permanent structure and thus moved them from house to house much in the same way you would move a couch!
Intrigued by this idea of moving something considered a permanent fixture and easily reconfiguring it into a new home seemed very foreign, yet at the same time absolutely genius! We fell in love with the concept and decided to move forward in this direction. But to facilitate this, the product would need advanced design engineering and be of superior quality in order to make it flexible and durable enough for the average person to successfully move and self install. When exploring what methods of construction the Europeans were using to allow such mobility, we discovered an entirely different construction method called System 32.
In a nutshell, System 32 is a manufacturing process built around hardware standards on a metric scale of 32mm by which all European hardware manufactures followed! All while, American hardware manufacturers were doing things completely opposite; each building their hardware based on proprietary designs which was void of any consistency in the industry.
System 32 also allowed machinery manufacturers to scale development of complex equipment to support System 32 standards which advanced the manufacturing process of kitchens and other manufactured products putting their construction methods light years ahead of the typical American cabinet shop. With the aid of specialized equipment and the use of System 32 hardware, the realm of possibilities was only limited to your imagination. No longer were there obstacles in manufacturing complex products as everything followed a strict principle in engineering centered around the universal standards created by System 32. As long as the products being manufactured followed those guidelines anything was possible! This opened the doors to creating new products which for us was exciting as it would solve our dilemma on how to streamline operations by applying System 32 to our development efforts when creating our DIY custom closet system.
Being a relatively young company not fully indoctrinated into the traditional woodworking model, we decided to adopt this newly learned method of construction which meant retooling our shop with European equipment, sourcing European hardware and embracing the metric unit of measurement.
Nearly a year after we adopted this new method of construction, we launched our unique DIY custom closet product line. Paying homage to the European concept of taking their kitchens when they GO, and their brilliant employment of System 32, we thought it would be appropriate to name our brand of custom closets, Closets To Go as a way to carry forward the European woodworking traditions that inspired our company's roots.
Fast forward to today, many other closet companies have followed suit with this construction method we pioneered in America. With over 500,000 successful DIY installations to date, Closets To Go can proudly boast we are second to none in offering unparalleled innovations, ease of installation and overall cost savings!
We continually strive to pave new ways in the industry and to look-outside-the-box in terms of closet design innovations, hardware offerings and ways to simplify the DIY installation. The latest being the addition of our integrated LED lighting and our Hardware Pre-Assembly Service Option which makes the DIY install even easier for those with little handy skills yet yields professional results - another significant marker in setting us apart from the rest!
Regardless if this is your first DIY experience or your 100th, it’ll definitely be the most rewarding and easiest of any DIY home improvement project period, we guarantee it! Our goal - accomplished!
And now you know, the rest of the story!!!
We have our Closets To Go Team to thank for our success and growth of our company and consider them our greatest asset. It's been our honor to serve them so they may help serve you with all of your closet and storage needs from now and years to come.



Launched a new immersive website to enhance the customer experience with inspiring design ideas, unparalleled shopping capabilities and the ability to easily self design and install.


Hit a milestone and achieved 500,000 successful DIY installations.


Launched our eCommerce website with the goal of providing our unique DIY custom closet solution to the nation, affording everyone the opportunity to experience the Closets To Go difference!


Opened the largest closet design showroom in the nation showcasing the latest innovations in the closet industry. On a national scale, Closets To Go remains one of the largest closet showrooms to date!


Introduced our unique product line to the nation with one goal in mind: To provide high end custom closet organizers with both a full service option and a DIY service option that yield easy, affordable and professional results.

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